Carpenters’ Company Christmas Card 2016

Posted on 7 November 2016


The Carpenters’ Company will again be producing a Christmas card in full high quality colours.

Design: Rustington Convalescent Home in Winter by Cliff Topping

Greeting: With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year

Crest: Company coat of arms above text

Size: 7″ x 5″

Proceeds: All proceeds will go to Rustington Convalescent Home

Caption: Rustington Convalescent Home was founded in 1897 by Sir Henry Harben to help working men recover after an illness or accident. Sir Henry (a Past Master of the Carpenters’ Company and President of the Prudential Assurance Company) entrusted the Home to the Company’s management on his death in 1911. Today Rustington welcomes both men and women of all ages and from every walk of life and, thanks to Sir Henry’s generous endowment, fees are heavily subsidized.

large letters/packets 1st class 2nd class
5 cards £1.19 £0.98
10 cards £1.53 £1.27
20 cards £2.16 £1.75
30 cards £3.12 £2.60
40 cards £4.32 £3.50
50 cards £5.28 £4.35

For overseas orders and orders for more than 50 cards members should contact the Company offices for an individual postage rate. If you would like to order Christmas cards, please complete the form found here and email, or post, it to Julie Tancell, Please send cheques to the Hall, payable to “The Carpenters’ Company”

There will be a limited print run and it is anticipated that orders will be posted or available for collection from mid November onwards, including at the Livery Dinner (16th November).