Educational Grants (Norton Folgate Charitable Trust)

The Norton Folgate Trust (NFT) disburses the majority of its funds to education and most of its grants are given to individuals engaged in secondary or tertiary education.  All students must attend a school or college in the United Kingdom.  Tertiary education grants tend to be craft-related, such as fine woodwork, stonemasonry and historic building conservation.  The majority of such craft-related grants are made to students attending courses at our Building Crafts College in Stratford, East London.

Apart from grants for students at the Building Crafts College, which are considered in May, all other applications are considered in July.  No grants are awarded retrospectively, so you must apply in the spring before the relevant academic year starting that September. Applicants for grants at the Building Crafts College will be told of our decision in June. Other applicants will be told in August.

To apply for a grant or bursary for the Building Crafts College, please apply to:

The Bursar
Building Crafts College
Kennard Road
London  E15 1AH

To apply for a grant or bursary at any other College please use our online application form.

Norton Folgate Trust Registered Charity Number:  230990